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Forum new Outlook and Explanation

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Forum new Outlook and Explanation

Post  Streamx on Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:57 pm

Greeting Peasants !

As you probably noticed , Forum looks quite different.
The Reason behind that is pretty simple .
I've been asked by Bolin to investigate those Photbucket banners that spreaded on site like shit lately,
and what i found out was :
We used a forum theme by a guy named Johim / Jahim / Jahom , or whatever his name is.
He hosted his artwork on photobucket , which upload exceeded and he did not payed for re-host
so most of his work was replaced with this shit.
Only way i could get rid of this crap was to change theme to the one we're currently using.
All your post and topics stayed untouched so do not fear =]

Best Wishes !
Damian aka Streamx aka Xsetro

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