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doom - Frost dk

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doom - Frost dk

Post  Dannne on Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:53 am

About yourself
Real Name:
Age: 17
Country: Sweden
English fluency: quite fluent but its my 2nd language so there will be mistakes
Do you know anyone in the guild that could vouche for you?: not sure anyone wanna vouch for me

About your character
Character name: Ðòóm
Character level: 80
Armory link (please try and make sure you have the right gear on):
What proffesions did you choose and why?: To increase my dmg out put, inscription and alchemy
What is your last guild and why have you left it?: Reunited, said i failed my trial, not sure what i failed on tho
Any alts that are good enough to help you get accepted? (ie. previous main etc.): No
What is it that you bring to the raid, that would help the guild?: 20% melee haste buff, some good dps and a good attitude
Have you read the guild rules:
Do you accept the guild rules: Yes

What is your raiding experience so far (including alts, provided you give name/amory link): first lord, lady, gunship, rotface, festergut, blood hall, dreamwalker 25m HC
We raid from 21:00 to 00:00, Wed, Thu, Fri, Mon, Tue. Can you attend every raid?: Yes
We use Ventrilo for raids. Do you have any problems with using ventrilo that would affect your performance in the raid?: No
Can your computer handle raids well?: Yes
Is your internet connection stable? What's your speed?: 24 mb/s i believe
What mods/addons do you use for raiding?: Omen, DBM, Grid, Power auras, Auracle, event alert,

Other information
What do you expect from Dark Serenity ? want to be in a 10m raiding guild where i can have fun


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