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APP Kharbaros / 80 / mage

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APP Kharbaros / 80 / mage

Post  Kharbaro on Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:58 pm

About yourself

Real Name: Aleks
Age: 23
Country: Latvia
English fluency: fluent
Do you know anyone in the guild that could vouche for you?: can't remember (lost) nick name Razz previous officer from Hotel Babylon guild.

About your character

Character name: Kharbaros
Character level: 80

Armory link (please try and make sure you have the right gear on):

What professions did you choose and why?: mining and herbalism - good money while lvling and travelling
What is your last guild and why have you left it?: Insomniacs (ranked 9), guild disbanded; Hotel Babylon, guild disbanded (pretty unlucky? Razz)
Any alts that are good enough to help you get accepted? (ie. previous main etc.): started a DK for fun
What is it that you bring to the raid, that would help the guild?: arcane powder (always helps Smile ), fish feasts, wild magic potions and frost wyrm flasks
Have you read the guild rules: yes
Do you accept the guild rules: yes


What is your raiding experience so far (including alts, provided you give name/amory link): ICC 25 11/12; ICC 10 11/12 (but tried LK many many times), ToC 10 / 25 done, ToGC 10 done, ToGC 25 3 bosses, Ulduar 10 and 25 (some random bosses and weekly ones), not done RS yet (been away for a while)

We raid from 21:00 to 00:00, Wed, Thu, Fri, Mon, Tue. Can you attend every raid?: 3 out of 5 definitely, but will try to do my best

We use Ventrilo for raids. Do you have any problems with using ventrilo that would affect your performance in the raid?: no: seen it, used it, know it Smile

Can your computer handle raids well?: not been an issue before

Is your internet connection stable? What's your speed?: 100 Mbps, good and stable

What mods/addons do you use for raiding?: deadly boss

Other information

What do you expect from Dark Serenity ? Flexible raiding and understanding if problems occur, will do my best to participate as much as I can Smile I like social raiding, kind and polite people, discipline and PROGRESS Razz Previous guild leaders and guild-mates didn't have any problems with me (as far as I know Smile ).


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Re: APP Kharbaros / 80 / mage

Post  orfenia on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:02 am

Hi and welcome to our forum. I like your character (4 sanctified pieces bounce) enchants and gems are fine and raids experience is also acceptable. Contact me (or Bolin, Acidtrip, Bloodboilie, Arathan) in game for invite.


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