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Welcome to <Dark Serenity>

Basic rules:
  • Guild Bank Repairs are a reward for killing a progress boss!

  • You are required to sign for ALL raids, DONT leave it on invited!

  • If you are going on holiday, you need to notify an officer 1 week before you go.

  • If a Real life issue comes up, you need to notify an officer by wisper, mail or on vent ASAP!

  • If you arrive to a raid with the wrong Gems or Enchants, you will NOT raid!

  • People who are not Performing in a Raid will be replace during the raid.

  • Those not in a raid group and have signed will be on Stand-by.

  • Players that are offline for more than 10 days with no reason or notification will be kicked!

  • By clicking ACCEPT on the event, you must be able to show up on time, be ready and make all raids for the week with that group as they are counting on YOU to show when they raid!

Guild Leader: Guild leader has the final say over any dispute, loot, promotion of members and must be respected at all times. Guild leader will be available to members for advice on specs and any problems you may have.
Officers: Officers must be respected at all times. Officers will be available to members for advice on specs and any problems you may have. Officers also assist the Guild leader in making decisions that effect the guild.
Raider: Raiders are expected to sign and attend most raid. Raiders will be respected by Trial members. Raiders are expected to try and assist Trial members to get them Raid Ready.
Trial: Trial members are expected to sign and try to attend every raid until they are promoted to Raider Rank, when the Guild leader and officers feel a Trial member is good enough for the rank.
Social: This rank is for social people, they do NOT raid.

Loot System
Our Loot system is : Suicide Kings click here for more info

How it works: a random list of all raiders is created, depending where you are on the list will depend on when you get loot. When i player receives loot, they will be suicided and drop to the bottom of the list making the next player in line available to get loot.

Ventrilo Settings
Host : Texas3.NationVoice.com
Port : 3855
Password : acquired in game

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