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Faction Champions

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Faction Champions

Post  HolyBoly on Sun May 09, 2010 11:30 pm

Welcome to the 3rd boss in ToC (Trial of the Crusader)

I wish tactics were as easy for this boss but sadly "The Faction Champions are the opposite faction in a PvP Arena-styled combat." Suspect
In simple words "We gonna fight the opposite faction in PVP combat"

Welcome to the Faction Champions

Most of the bosses here have 403,200 health and some have 322,600.
so its really random
The opponents act very much like a good arena team, and some (but not all) PvP mechanics are applied to the NPCs such as:
  1. The NPC healers switch to spam healing DPS target(s)

  1. The NPC damage dealers gang up on a single raid member, especially raid members with low health.

  1. All NPCs, including healers, use crowd control abilities like Polymorph, Fear, Hex, and even Banish

  1. Faction champions do more damage than typical players, have drastically more health and cast enormous heals

  1. The NPCs are immune to mind control. All other forms of crowd control work

  1. The NPC's AI uses Proximity, Health and Damage to decide who to attack. Try to never be in the center of a group of NPCs or they are likely to all turn and one-shot you (Rogues beware!). If you Aoe, be prepared to get aggro. If something is attacking you or even heading your way, run.

In 10 man we only get 6 out of the 10 but priority remains the same.

each champion has his / her own ability related to its class (paladin=holy light, mage=ice block etc.)

Gorgrim Shadowcleave (DPS Death Knight)

Birana Stormhoof (DPS Druid)

Erin Misthoof (Healer Druid)

Ruj'kah (DPS Hunter+pet)

Ginselle Blightslinger (DPS Mage)

Liandra Suncaller (Healer Paladin)

Malithas Brightblade (DPS Paladin)

Caiphus the Stern (Healer Priest)

Vivienne Blackwhisper ( DPS Priest)

Maz'dinah (DPS Rogue)

Thrakgar (Healer / DPS Shaman)

Broln Stouthorn (DPS Shaman)

Harkzog (DPS Warlock + Felhunter)

Narrhok Steelbreaker (DPS Warrior)

like i said before, they use the abilities of their class, damage is increased for them and hits alot harder than our Abilities

The fight gets easier as the champions go down.
First one to go down are the healers, preferably in this order: Restoration druid, Restoration shaman, Holy paladin, Discipline priest

Once they have been sorted out, Melee dps is next one out: rogue, warrior, retribution paladin, death knight, Enhancement shaman

Finally, clear out the Range : Warlock, Boomkin, Shadow Priest, Mage

then we get box of shiny treasures cheers please, NO ONE touch the box except Master Looter

TIPS: Tanks are kiters in this encounter. Death Knights are very good at pinning down melee. Warriors can spam Hamstring, Shockwave, and Charge stun the warrior and the rogue to prevent them from moving. Rogues are able to keep casters, healers especially, locked down with constant stuns and interrupts. A combination of warlock and balance druid are able to chain Cyclone and Banish on the restoration druid. Use a Fear bomb if enough champions reach their target. A Death Knight with Hungering Cold is able to use theirs right at the start to control anyone who is not currently taken care of. Priests and any dispellers must keep all buffs and Hots off of the kill target at all times

Hard Mode:
On the heroic version of Faction Champions are untauntable, and have a PvP trinket at their disposal (with a cooldown of 5 minutes)

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